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The New Standard in Peptide Sequencing Software.

The new standard in peptide sequencing software.

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Get 10-20% more peptide-spectrum matches. See what you’re missing. Have more confidence in your results.

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The NCBI nr database contains all sequences publicly known in any public database. No other search engine can handle its size.

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No need for expert tuning of tolerances and PTM settings. Our AI means that novice users can get good results even with ‘wide open’ or default parameters. Share your results with a colleague or client simply by sharing a secure link. It’s all online, so no ‘viewer’ software is required.

Technical Specifications.


  • De novo peptide sequencing
  • Protein identification – database search for peptide-spectrum matches and resulting protein IDs
  • Summary of results – de novo, peptides and protein groups all in one


  • File formats: .RAW, .mgf, .mzML, timsTOF .d
  • Databases: NCBI nr, UniProtKB/SwissProt, any FASTA format database
  • Post translational modifications supported: 40+ built in, unlimited custom, variable, fixed
  • Fragmentation modes supported: HCD, CID, ETD, EThcD
  • Enzymes supported: 11 common enzymes, semi-specific, non-specific and auto detect mode is Free to Use.

Yes, it’s free for commercial and academic use. This software is provided by Rapid Novor – a leading provider of mass spectrometry and proteomics services – we hope you enjoy the software and contact us for services if you need help. If in the future we choose to charge for the use of, it will be for premium features or higher usage. Fundamental features will remain free.

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“The software is very good, easy to use and fast.”
Domingos Ferreira de Mélo Neto, Federal University of Ceara

“Very useful tool to identify the peptides and proteins simply based on the MS spectra. No need to specify the enzymes used to cut the protein.”

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Through next generation protein sequencing, Rapid Novor enables reliable discovery and development of novel reagents, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

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Through next generation protein sequencing, Rapid Novor enables timely and reliable discovery and development of novel reagents, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Thanks to our Next Generation Protein Sequencing and antibody discovery services, researchers have furthered thousands of projects, patented antibody therapeutics, and ran the first recombinant polyclonal antibody diagnostics

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