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Please contact us if you would like to license for private use, or as part of your technology. For protein sequencing and analysis services in our mass spectrometry lab please contact Rapid Novor directly with: first name, last name, company, and business email address. For bug reports or support requests please contact

Global Head Office and Lab

Unit 450, 137 Glasgow St.
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4X8

P: +1 (855) 899-9990
Sales: ext 1
Lab: ext 3

About Us. is produced by Rapid Novor, a protein sequencing services company and technology development company. We are the largest privately operated mass spectrometry facility in Canada and we have both bioinformatics and wet-lab under one roof – speeding up software development. Rapid Novor aims to decode immunity for easier and faster therapeutic and diagnostic discovery. The team is part of Rapid Novor’s software development group. Established in 2015, this group has built and continually advanced the software used by Rapid Novor’s mass spectrometry and sequencing teams – contributing to over 6000 successful projects and leading to many worlds-first breakthroughs in proteomics. Our de novo sequencing and protein id software is a result of years of collaboration between our software development, mass spectrometry and data analysis teams.

The Team.

Bin Ma, President and Chief Scientist
20+ years in de novo sequencing and bioinformatics

Iain Rogers, VP Sales and Marketing
Commercialized de novo sequencing software in 2004-2008

Noah Reinhardt, Software Developer development team lead

Luwei Wang, Software Developer

Rui Zhang, Software Developer

Sebastien Rittau, Software Developer

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Through next generation protein sequencing, Rapid Novor enables reliable discovery and development of novel reagents, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

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